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Before I started training with Matt, I had never picked up a dumbbell heavier than 5 lbs because I believed in a stereotypical nonsense of getting bulky from lifting weights. I had started running and doing simple workout DVDs probably 6 -7 months before I started training. You can’t really learn proper form that way… so obviously I had no progress on my own. And there he was Boom! One of the happiest days of my life.

I’ve seen powerful changes. My whole life, I just wanted to be skinny, and was never as “skinny” as I wanted. I was never happy with myself. With Matt’s guidance and everyday improvements, my perspective on things changed. I no longer wanted to be skinny. I wanted to be strong. My whole outlook on life changed and I have a positive body image now.

Matt’s positive energy, and the diverse, challenging, yet fun workouts helped exercise become a lifestyle for me. He helped me to set realistic goals, advised me on nutrition but most importantly he introduced me to weight lifting.

I would absolutely recommend training with Matt, no matter what your fitness goals are. It wasn’t easy, but it’s totally worth it!

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