Bread is Not the Problem


Bread is not the problem. No single food is the problem.

A diet based mostly on processed food, with minimal vitamins, minerals, and fiber is the problem.

Bread is not why you are fat. It’s eating too much and moving too little.

We like to demonize foods, and I have made the mistake myself. I followed the paleo-ish diet for years. And it works if you really want to make it work. However, it’s very restrictive.

Paleo is great to get people started eating correctly with more vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. But it is unnecessarily restrictive.

Focusing instead on eating the right foods (largely paleo) and controlling quantity of other foods, is the balanced way to successful dieting.

Disclaimer: Most breads are crap. Look at the label. If the 3rd ingredient is corn syrup or sugar you can bet your ass it’s not healthy for you.

Truth: Eating the right bread is good for you, giving you lots of fiber and whole grains. Ezekiel Bread receives my full endorsement.

If you are trying to drop weight but really love your bread, save it for post-workout, and try to get a bread option that does not have sugar as a main ingredient.