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    Mission Statement

    Humans as a species are devolving.  We work too much at desks. Our diets suck.  We barely move.  And we are weak as baby kittens.  Join me in reversing this trend.

    I want to help as many people as possible move better, feel better, and look better. Through the interwebz. In person. I don’t care how.  I just want to help you.

    The fitness industry is filled with false promises, predatory marketing, and gimmicks.  I aim to cut through the noise and show you how to reach any performance or physique goal through nutrition and scientifically proven training principles.


    About Me       

    My name is Matt Smith, and I am the Owner of Bodysmith Performance based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hi.

    I became hooked on exercise and training while competing in high school and collegiate athletics. For nearly two decades, I have been throwing weight around and trying to become the best performance coach I can be. In 2014, I became a world champion powerlifter for the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate, and I recently lifted a triple bodyweight deadlift over 600 pounds!

    Some of my professional certifications and experiences include:


    What makes ME different

    I care.  I want you to be great.  I know you can be great.

    There are thousands of trainers to choose in the fitness industry.  Few share my passion for empowering and educating you.  My outcome-based plans are designed to efficiently move you towards your individualized goals for fat loss, sports performance, muscle gain, or strength without the silly bull shit that pervades the industry.

    I maintain integrity in all aspects of my business.  Don’t waste your time and risk injury by signing on with the wrong coach. Your body and your health are too important to put in the hands of an amateur.

    If you have an open mind and are ready to commit, I will show you how to succeed.

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