Online Training

Online Training: Program Design for the Goal-Oriented Trainee

Imagine if you could come to the gym knowing exactly what to do. No rummaging for a program online. No random training.

My subscription-based service is for the more experienced trainee who mostly needs help with exercise programming. These Performance Programs will keep you healthy and moving towards your goals with precision.

Even the most elite lifters and athletes have a coach, including me. Most self-designed programs have flaws in one form or another due to individual biases. Eliminate the guesswork and get yourself on the path to success.

  • Come in for an in-person assessment or perform one online.
  • Send me videos and questions weekly.
  • $250/month subscription service.
  • Customized programs sent to your inbox monthly.

Need an extra session or two to brush up on technique? No problem. Buy individual sessions or a package to use as needed.

Email me today to get started.