Patrick Stedman

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Matt is unlike the vast majority of trainers. I had no idea a trainer could know so much about the body and proper biomechanics, and I immediately realized this when talking to him.

He kicked my ass 1-2x/week. It was the kind of work out that built tons of muscle, burnt fat, and that you could never get on your own. About 6 months after we started, I was at the beach and for once in my life I actually felt like I had a man’s body. My shoulders had a V shape and my legs had definition. It was awesome.

The shape of my body transformed permanently. After I left Philadelphia and traveled for 9 months, my body – though it lost strength – broadly maintained it’s previous shape. It made it much easier for me to get back into shape when I went to the gym again. I honestly think you would be an idiot not to train with Matt. You won’t see the same results on your own, and you won’t find nearly as knowledgeable a trainer.

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