Patrick Thurber

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Training with Matt has really been a tremendously positive experience for me. As a law student, I allowed myself to fall into a routine of rarely exercising and eating poorly. After two and a half years I had enough of feeling out of shape and lethargic. After the first session where we discussed my goals and Matt measured my flexibility and stamina, he had a roadmap that included dietary suggestions and lifts specific to my ability level.

After about three months I had lost over 20 pounds and had gained a significant amount of muscle. The pace of the weight loss felt just right – I wasn’t starving myself or eating weird foods, but my transformation was dramatic.  My athleticism went through the roof. As an advanced golfer, I added nearly 40 yards to my drives and could feel how beneficial the strong core was to making a good golf swing. I added almost 6 inches to my vertical jump. I also bowled a 235 after having not bowling for over a year. The results of the plan Matt had developed were extremely clear.

Matt is by far the most educated person I’ve met when it comes to training. He spent a significant amount of time tailoring a plan to my goals – a program he changed every 3-4 weeks. His lift technique coaching is incredible and ensured that I got the most out of every repetition. I can’t imagine a more productive 5 months of training. I’ll be training with Matt as often as I can now, despite an hour drive

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