5 Habits To Reign in Body Composition

Here is a nice little post of 5 Habits that will help you in your quest to the elusive flat belly society has glorified. Follow these tips and immediately see your midsection shrink.

1. Eat Slowy. Stop at 80% full.

There is serious delay time between when your body is full and when your stomach and mind tell you that you are full. So folks, it’s very easy to over eat.

2. Eat Protein Dense Foods with Each Meal.

A palm-sized portion for woman and two palm sized portions for men is a rough estimate that will insure you have adequate protein to build muscle, stimulate your metabolism, and make you feel full. Protein is the most filling macronutrient and your body burns calories just to break it down. So eat your lean proteins.

3. Eat Vegetables (maybe fruits) with Each Meal.

A good goal is to get at least 2 servings per meal. Ballpark a serving as 1/2 Cup of chopped veggies or fruit or 1 whole Cup of leafy greens. Sound easy? Don’t stop there. The more vegetables you eat, the better. Vegetables contain essential chemicals, nutrients, and phytochemicals that keep you healthy. We are talking cancer-fighting, free-radical destroying, acid-neatrulizing goodness. Eat up.

4. For the Fat Loss Crowd, Eat Most Carbs Post-Workout… That is, assuming you do workout.

Post-workout, your body is in an advantageous position to really put starchy, dense carbs into use for recovery. This is the time spiking your blood sugar can be beneficial.

5. Eat Your Healthy Fats.

Most people should be eating between 20-40% Fat in their diet. Focus on making the source of this fat healthy. Add in fats from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nuts, Avacadoes, Coconut Oils, and Fish Oil.