5 Reasons you Must do Push-ups

5 Reasons you MUST do Push-ups:

1. Push-ups make you a bad-ass and better at life. I’m talking full range, chest to deck push-ups. You probably suck at them, so there is lot’s of room for improvement. A push-up is one of my favorite assessment tools to identify deficiencies.

2. Done properly, it is one of the best exercises around for shoulder health. The shoulder gets to move naturally and you work your Serratus Anterior, a muscle that is often weak and responsible for upper body dysfunction.  Push away from the ground at the top of your push-ups.

3. It’s an efficient full body exercise that works your abs, chest, shoulders, arms, abs, back, and even legs. If you are in a time crunch, you best do your push-ups.

4. Ninjas can do push-ups. Like hundreds.

5. Push-ups are infinitely scalable, so you will never get bored. Add weight, use unstable services, alter hand position, add bands and chains. It’s the ultimate calisthenic strength exercise with unlimited options.