Progression-based training that works.


“Matt is an amazing personal trainer, even though we have never met in person!  I began personal training over Zoom during the pandemic, and I have been consistently impressed by Matt’s ability to train remotely, to provide really helpful feedback on form, and to create workouts that are tailored for particular issues.  As a woman in her 60’s who has never done weightlifting, I had some trepidations about my ability to lift higher weights, but now I’m deadlifting more weight than I thought possible.  Matt takes the time to get to know his clients, to assess what they need, and create tailored workouts.  He genuinely cares about his clients’ progress and general well-being. I can’t recommend Matt highly enough either for absolute beginners or more avid and experienced clients.”


“Matt is a phenomenal trainer and great guy. Before working with Matt, I had ongoing shoulder and neck pain from training on my own. Physical therapy provided some relief, but didn’t solve the problem. Based on the initial consultation, and ongoing evaluations as I progressed in training, Matt totally corrected my form and mobility and I’m now, very thankfully, able to train pain free. Along with proper programming, this has translated into moving more weight and better body comp. Matt’s extremely knowledgable, and super easy to work with. Highly recommend!”


“I was really intimidated to start going to the gym, but Matt was the reason I stuck with it. He’s the best: friendly, creative, inspiring, knowledgeable and kind. He has helped change my life and I could not have done it without him. If you want an awesome trainer who will really listen to you, care about your progress, health and happiness, and will cheer you on with integrity and warmth, Matt’s your guy. I can’t recommend him enough!”


Ready to get serious about your fitness goals? Let my movement system work its magic on you.  My individualized, progression-based training plans are life-changing. You’re here because you want results.  You’re ready for results.

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