Jodie B., age 25

I started training with Matt early in 2016 after many years of working out in the gym by myself on and off. I never “hated” working out, but I also never thought I’d be someone who would end up at the gym 3-4 times a week! 

Matt helped me find my love of powerlifting and weight training with free weights. Before I met Matt, I was interested in the idea of lifting but was scared away by the idea of getting injured (as well as anxiety about cluelessly lifting in the free weight section). Matt goes above and beyond to teach you the CORRECT technique and movements to make sure you stay healthy to avoid injury. He takes his work home and does extensive research to make sure he is writing the best programs for his clients per their needs.

Matt is a great trainer no matter what age or skill level you are at. You will walk away with invaluable skills and knowledge, as well as a better understanding of how your body can move.

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